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You Want **FREE BOOKS** and Reports by Attorney and Bankruptcy Expert James Pixton. You’re a Real Estate Professional with Bankruptcy Questions.

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Oakland bankruptcy attorney James Pixton saves homes with chapter 13 and wipes out credit cards with chapter 7

Hayward Attorney James Pixton – A Bankruptcy Expert

Bankruptcy is both an end and a beginning. It’s the end of an old life filled with anxiety and fear. It’s also the beginning of a new life full of hope. That hope comes from being debt free.–Alameda Bankruptcy Attorney James Pixton

Check out NACBA's website from some great bankruptcy info.

Alameda bankruptcy attorney James Pixton is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Welcome to Pixton Bankruptcy Law. I’m trying to make this the most complete source of bankruptcy information in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go ahead and browse around. You’ll find loads of info that will help you better understand the powers and process of bankruptcy. It’s an amazing system that helps millions of people each year start their lives over DEBT FREE! It helps hundreds of thousands of homeowners SAVE THEIR HOMES from foreclosure each year. Take a look at the NO COST – NO OBLIGATION books. Order one or more and I’ll send them right out to you. Let me know if you have questions. My number is (510) 451-6200 x101. Or you can contact me by email at james [at] pixlaw [dot] com or with the quick form in the sidebar on the right.►

Why an Alameda Lawyer Gives Free Bankruptcy Books

bankruptcy attorney James Pixton pens book on how bankruptcy can help troubled marriage

FREE Bankruptcy Books! Call (510) 451-6200 x196 to order!

Holy cow! Can this be true? A lawyer is giving away FREE BOOKS about bankruptcy to residents of Alameda, Oakland and Hayward, California, as wells as people in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties? Why would he do such a thing?

Good question and here’s the answer: James Pixton is a bankruptcy expert. Part of his job as a bankruptcy attorney here in the Oakland area is to help his clients understand their financial options.

We have found that one of the most effecive ways for us to get information out to our clients and potential clients–whether they live in Antioch, Oakland or Fremont–is by writing the book on that particular area of bankruptcy law. We send these books to our clients and potential clients so they can read and educate themselves without the inconvenience of having to make an appointment and then show up at our office.

Click here to order FREE booksThe more our Alameda County and Contra Costa County clients know about the bankruptcy process, the happier they are and the less stress they feel. A big part of a successful case in the Oakland bankruptcy court is understanding what’s going on so there are no surprises. Again, our bankruptcy books are the way to go! Did I mention they’re FREE? Call us at (510) 451-6200 x196 or click here to go to the order page.

Before You Meet a Bankruptcy Attorney, Order These Free Books!

All the bankruptcy attorneys around the East Bay give a free half-hour consultation. Every single one–whether you go see a lawyer in Pleasanton or Concord or Union City, you’re going to get that free bankruptcy consultation. Make sure you make your meeting count.

Click here to order FREE booksIf you order these no cost-no obligation books from Alameda bankruptcy attorney James Pixton, you can find out what kinds of information you’ll need for your meetings. You’ll learn what questions you should be asking your bankruptcy attorney. You’ll learn what to expect from the bankruptcy process just in case the lawyer you do choose doesn’t have the expertise or willingness to take the time to explain it all to you.

Do I Have to Come to Alameda to Meet with Bankruptcy Attorney James Pixton?

The short answer is no! Although most of my potential bankruptcy clients choose to come to Alameda for a free in-person, half-hour consultation, there is no rule that says you have to. (We’re about 5 minutes from downtown Oakland.) In fact, with all the electronics sitting on my desk these days, I am happy to meet with you by phone, by Skype, by FaceTime or by any other electronic means that works for you. You wouldn’t be alone. Some of my clients never even set foot in my office. We handle everything electronically. We are on the cutting edge of technology at Pixton Bankruptcy Law so we can give you the best possible bankruptcy experience! Call (510) 451-6200 x101 to schedule an appointment.

If You Can’t Come to Alameda, Call James Pixton and He’ll Recommend a Great Bankruptcy Attorney Near You!

Click here to order FREE booksAlameda bankruptcy attorney James Pixton wants you to hire the best bankruptcy lawyer possible. If you just can’t make it to Alameda to meet with Attorney Pixton, call us and we will recommend a bankruptcy attorney with an office closer to you. Pixton Bankruptcy Law has been handling bankruptcy cases in the Bay Area since 1999. We are know and associate with all the best bankruptcy attorneys in Oakland, the East Bay, the San Francisco Peninsula, the North Bay and the South Bay. Seriously! If you can’t come to us, call us at (510) 451-6200 x101 and we’ll tell you who to go see for a great bankruptcy experience.

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Bankruptcy Information Websites:

Here are some of my favorite bankruptcy websites loaded with bankruptcy information:, Bankruptcy in Brief, Bankruptcy Law Network, Bankruptcy Basics, Bankruptcy Action,

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2013 is a Great Time to Protect Your House by Filing for Bankruptcy

New California laws in 2013 make it easier for low income homeowners to protect their homes in bankruptcy.

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Five Points for Dealing With Bill Collectors in California

James Pixton teaches his clients how to deal with bill collectors in Pleasanton, California

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FREE Bankruptcy Books and Reports for Alameda and Contra Costa County Residents

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Debt and the Elderly | Often Bankruptcy Is Not Necessary.

Often the elderly do not need bankruptcy.

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Can I Still Wipe Out Credit Card Debt in Bankruptcy?

Talk to a bankruptcy attorney when you can't pay your credit cards.

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Difference Between Secured Debt and Unsecured Debt and Why It Matters in Bankruptcy

This Alameda County craftsmen cottage is probably collateral for a loan

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Bankruptcy | Did You Know Rembrandt Filed?

Rembrandt, the celebrated Dutch painter, filed for bankruptcy at the age of 50.

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A skilled lawyer can help you qualify for Chapter 13

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Bankruptcy Can Wipe Out a Second Mortgage or Line of Credit

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Ten Dumb Things...

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Bankruptcy Helps You Sleep Peacefully!

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Alameda County Residents: Get Ready to Go Debt-Free!

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Are All Bankruptcy Lawyers Stuffy? No–At Least Not in the Bay Area!

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Oh No! They’ve Repo’ed My Car!

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Help! My House is Going to Sale! Alameda Foreclosures!

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Will I Lose My House or My Car if I File for Bankruptcy in Oakland?

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