Free Consumer Report Reveals Ten Dumb Things That Can Torpedo Your Bankruptcy Case

Ten Dumb Things...

Ten Dumb Things...Before you hire a lawyer and definitely before you try to file a bankruptcy case on your own, you should request this important booklet, “Ten Dumb Things That Can Torpedo Your Bankruptcy Case in the San Francisco Bay Area.” It’s a long title, but a very short and informative booklet.

Oakland bankruptcy attorney James Pixton has written this guide to help consumers understand how careful they need to be in the months and weeks leading up to the filing of their bankruptcy case.

When it comes to bankruptcy in the Bay Area, what you don’t know as a consumer can really hurt you. If you take certain actions, you can unknowingly create a huge headache for yourself once you get a bankruptcy case number.

The bankruptcy trustees in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose–attorneys and accountants hired by the US government to review your assets and financial situation–can in certain circumstances go after property that you have given or sold to others. In some instances, this is property that you could have protected if you had first sought the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney before the property changed hands.

Understanding bankruptcy law about giving away or selling property is vital to a successful bankruptcy case. Request this free guide and you’ll be on your way to a great bankruptcy experience.

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IMPORTANT: Get this Free Consumer Guide and make sure things get done right!

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Author: James Pixton

James Pixton is a bankruptcy attorney in Alameda, California. He saves clients' home from foreclosure. He helps them wipe out tax debts, credit card bills and catastrophic medical bills through Chapter 7. He is an expert at eliminating second mortgages and lines of credit on underwater homes. When he isn't helping clients, he can be found playing water polo with his kids. Speaking of which, he is the father of four gregarious children, two of whom are also very serious water polo players. The other two are prolific readers and writers.

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