You’re Trying to Save Your House From Foreclosure

By time they consider bankruptcy, many Bay Area homeowners are exhausted from the foreclsoure process.
Foreclosure is exhausting. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you some room to rest.

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Exhausted. That’s how I would describe most of the San Francisco Bay Area homeowners who end up in my Alameda office. For months–sometimes years–they’ve been stressing and sweating through sleepless nights. They’ve been trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage AND the car note AND the utilties AND still be able to put food in their kids’ stomachs. Often, they’ve been buying groceries with credit cards. You do what you have to do to survive and keep a roof over your children’s heads.

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Fairly often, these folks have been doing the dance with the mortgage lender, trying to dodge foreclosure while applying for a loan modification. Too often, however, they come home from work and find the “NOTICE” taped to their front door. They tear it off quickly and then look around, trying to guess if the neighbors saw it and if so, whether they knew what it meant.

Although it's not always a sure thing, bankruptcy can often be the alternative for dealing with a foreclosure.
Would bankruptcy have helped? We'll never know.

When they finally come to my office, it’s usually with a sense of defeat. Imagine their surprise, however, when I greet them with a grin and ask, “How’d you like to save your house?” They come expecting the worse–and I talk to them about staying in their house! That’s part of what I love about my job. I’m James A. Pixton and I’m a bankruptcy attorney in Oakland, California. I help people save their homes. I help protect their homes while the try to finish that short sale or the loan modification. If they can’t save the house, I help them stay in it as long as possible by getting them what they need most: TIME!

The articles on this landing page will help you understand the relationship between foreclosure and bankruptcy. You’ll learn about chapter 13 and the incredible powers you get the moment you file your case. Think you’re ready to talk to a bankruptcy attorney? Give me a call at (510) 451-6200 x101 to schedule an appointment. Or fill out the quick form below. Remember that the clock’s ticking!

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